The Best Way To Remove Nicotine From Your Body

Deciding to quit smoking is a hard thing to do. Actually taking the steps to become smoke-free is even harder. Nicotine is a powerful drug that can grab hold of you and not let go. The benefits of giving up cigarettes, though, far outweigh the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Once you become smoke-free you will feel healthier, refreshed and energized. To overcome the cravings and speed up the process, remove as much nicotine from your body as possible.

1. Drink plenty of water. Drinking fresh, clean water will help flush the nicotine out of your system. But moderation is key, as drinking too much water can be harmful. A good rule of thumb is not to drink more then two liters of water daily.

2. Exercise to remove nicotine. Exercising speeds up the metabolism, which, in turn, speeds the removal of nicotine.

3. Drink plenty of orange juice. Orange juice is full of vitamin C, which, like exercise, speeds up the metabolism. And it is likely that your vitamin C levels are low, because nicotine depletes vitamin C.

4. Add anti-oxidants and fiber to your diet. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will add important nutrients to your body that nicotine has depleted. Upping fiber consumption will help your elimination system flush out the nicotine.